Sh*tty Scooters!

Client: Lime
Agency: Buzzman
Year: 2019

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Lime encourages its users to behave better

From June, Lime, the leading French electric scooter brand, is speaking out for the first time about its riders’ behaviour. Unlike the USA, the France has seen rising tension over electric scooter users’ bad behaviour that has led to negative media coverage. With a lighthearted print campaign, Lime is changing the conversation and encouraging its riders to behave more responsibly.

As the electric scooter situation in Paris comes to a head, and anti-scooter measures on the rise, Lime, the French market leader, wants to set an example and is repositionning as a mature and responsible urban mobility leader.

“Sh*tty scooters!”, “Scooters really p*ss me off” and “These scooters are such a f*cking pain”. Who’s hasn’t heard this as an electric scooter whizzes past, despite them being immensely popular with many French consumers?

Even though 1 in 10 Parisians use them already, and 1 in 4 intend to in the future, there is clearly a lobby that doesn’t appreciate electric scooters in the capital. In response to this negative feeling, Lime has felt compelled to educate its users and encourage better behaviour on the roads.

The brand hopes to prove to its detractors that it understands their pain, and that Lime is keen to discourage any bad behaviour : the brand is launching a persuasive print campaign from the 6th June in Paris, followed by all of Metropolitan France.