Why try to roast when you can’t even flame grill?

Client: Burger King
Agency: Buzzman
Year: 2019

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A few days ago, BURGER KING® Belgium was surprised to discover that McDonald’s Belgium was installing an outdoor advertising panel right next to its new restaurant in Brussels asking customers if they preferred to be “served by a King or served as a King”…

A great opportunity for the King of WHOPPER® to meet his historical competitor, through a giant panel on the front of his new restaurant: “Why try to roast when you can’t even flame grill?”
By playing on the double meaning of the word “roast”, BURGER KING® Belgium reminds McDonald’s Belgium that it’s never a good idea to rib the king of the flame…

With this outdoor advertising, visible until August 6, BURGER KING® Belgium displays what the brand’s fans are looking for, above all: the unique taste of flame-grilled.